Illustration by Mary Syloria

Novels and Short Stories

Black Bliss
Base Instinct
Conscious Craving
Endeavors and Endgames
Black Magic Woman
Layla’s Pride
Settling Score
Guilty Kisses
Captive Instinct


Myra’s Mask

Night Nurse


The Professor

SAMs and Sinners
Take Me to Church
Mercy Me

Anthology Features

Alpha Suits “I Remember You”

Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA) Anthologies Book 2
Twisted Sheets “Double or Nothing”
Fangs, Fur, & Fantasies “The Incubus”

Kinklectic Collections
Cupid’s Secrets “Night Nurse: Birthday”
Holiday Gems “The Professor’s Pleasures”
Spring Fling “Night Nurse: Spring Fling”
Step by Step Vol. 2 “The Virgin Vera”