Illustration by Mary Syloria

Fallen [Kittie] is an interdisciplinary doctorate candidate from Dalhousie University at the Fountain School of Performing Arts. She received her M.A. from Saint Mary’s University. She has authored numerous critical essays and chapters, the most recent appearing in Academic Well-Being of Racialized Students published by Fernwood Press. Her praxis and pedagogy are defined by her marginalized positionalities along with a commitment to Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Decolonization. These principles guide her roles as an Indigenous Research Literaturist and the Indigenous Pedagogy Coordinator. She is versed in several theoretical frameworks and methodologies albeit she has an affinity for qualitative content and discourse analysis. Her memberships include the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and Screen Nova Scotia. She is also a programmer for the Halifax Independent Film Festival, the Animation Festival of Halifax, and the Canadian Labour International Film Festival through Mayworks Halifax. Her creative writing has been featured in bestselling anthologies.

She also has Fahr’s and misophonia.

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