Illustration by Mary Syloria

Aki-chan Cosplay
Vibrant, colourful cosplayer based in Boston [via Facebook]

In the years I’ve been privileged to know Asia, she has offered profound insight. She is as witty as kindred, and casts a genuine light on those who make her acquaintance. Marvel as she crafts and coordinates wardrobes for assorted characters. Follow her page for check-ins about local events, points of interest, and cool graphics.

Americans United Again
New and politics podcast designed to unite Americans toward common causes while coming together to discuss things we disagree on [via iTunes and Podbean]

Americans United Again (AUA) covers news and affords listeners some insight into political science. Every episode draws upon critical considerations of [political] candidates in addition to how worldviews span scopes founded in a colonial history and legacy. AUA is also one of my favourite podcasts because of its ‘Social Justice Bullies’ segment that duly drags folks (read: losers) marked by hubris and hyperbole.

The Autonomous Womyn’s Front 
Rise up! Raise hell! Educate! Agitate! ORGANIZE! [via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram]

The Autonomous Womyn’s Front (AWF) also known as “avfmovement” is an indie, grassroots initiative. It is a non-governmental organization that empowers and educates marginalized peoples [non-men genders] on feminism and anarchy in addition to activism.

Black Women’s Resource Initiative 
As an emergency resource for situational crisis, we could distribute necessities more efficiently than having Black Femmes have to join too many online communities, and hope someone is available to help [via Instagram and Website]

The Black Women’s Resource Initiative (BWRI) is a working network that aims to assist Black Femmes who are largely marginalized, if not ignored. Their mission is to provide any aid possible in times of crisis. They also foster learning communities about autonomy, activism, and outreach.

Bury Me In Red Lipstick
The makeup counter can feel like a scary place. The goal of Bury Me In Red Lipstick is simple: Take the intimidation factor out of makeup and beauty [via Facebook and Instagram]

Shanta Carson is a beauty blogger who reviews miscellaneous makeup products on her website, Bury Me In Red Lipstick, and sparkly Instagram. I mention her later as a cohost of Single Simulcast which is where I first heard of her, then I checked out her reviews on social media. She provides informed and easy to understand feedback about a wide range of beauty products as well as industrious insights.

The CSPN (or Cold Slither Podcast Network) is a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. Assembled after the inspiration of the old Cold Slither Podcast, this network carries on the legacy of the original show and then some [via iTunes]

The CSPN collective features a radiant and radical roster of hosts and programs which span news, pop culture, and politics. The hosts are candid, conscious, and considerate. They’re also charismatic as their chemistry translates through to my ears. My favourite is Ratchet Ramblings since it covers a lot of reality TV I watch.

Device Zone Repair
Locally owned BIPOC establishment for phone retail and repair [via Facebook and Website]

Device Zone Repair (also known as DZ) is billed as “your one stop shop for everything that is device related.” Not only are they prompt, professional, and personable – they are Apple certified and also sell affordable mobile accessories; locations in Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Eliza David, The Lady Writer
Contemporary romance author, reader, community leader, and blogger [via Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Goodreads, and Website]

When it comes to Eliza David (also known as The Lady Writer), I honestly don’t know where to start. She has done and continues to accomplish so much. Her writing has been featured in many outlets, including The Good Men Project and Thirty on Tap; is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and its Cultural Interracial Multicultural Special Interest chapter (CIMRWA); and she has also moderated a number of panels and is a trustee for her local library. Along with Tasha [Tasha L. Harrison] Eliza is also one of the first authors I connected with when I started using Twitter and strove to find some diversity in the writing community. She is also a person I think truly embodies #BlackGirlMagic.

Frida Hollywood
Frida Hollywood is where I share my thoughts, poems, and short stories.  One goal I have keeps growing, learning and going. Each post feels as if I am sharing my progress
[via WordPress]

Frida Hollywood (also known as Heke Writes) is a sectional blog penned by an insightful Black woman. She shares deep, diverse reflections about politics and pop culture. Thoughtful personal anecdotes helm the majority of musings here which makes for an intense read.

Front Porch Womanism
Front Porch Womanism is a womanist blog focused on the matriarchal or woman-approved chieftainships that already operate informally, on the front porches of thousands of neighborhoods across the occupied United States [via Facebook and Website]

Front Porch Womanism is an ode to and interactive archive of Black matriarchs spanning historically to present. It layers decolonialist, queer, and Indigenous visualities.

Hyrrokkin Complex
Hyrrokkin Complex is creating character designs, digital paintings, and a graphic novel
[via Patreon]

Hyrrokkin Complex is an epic illustrator and graphic designer who offers “drawing lessons, small tutorials, high resolution line art and previews of pages, working script samples, concept art and character sheets.”

I do graphic designs and hand drawn illustrations. You may visit my shop at Fiverr. [via WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram]

Also credited as Mary Syloria, she is a talented digital artist who creates charming sketches and watercolors. I also credit her as my choice artist for this website and in providing illustrations to accompany my [mostly upcoming] articles in publications.

Peoples Radio United
We are the voice of the revolution. Radio Station for anons and activists by anons and activists. The people united can never be divided [via Spreaker, Twitter, and YouTube]

Peoples Radio United is a new podcast which covers current events. They discuss news, politics, and celebrities. What makes them unique for me are their frank, fruitful dialogues about particular flaws and ulterior motives underlain in activist scenes. They incline me to reflect on how artifice may undermine, if not nullify agency when performativity is employed in accordance to populism and/or profit.

Scarcasm L.I.V.E.
Scarcasm L.I.V.E. is podcast feed with a different take on entertainment and nerdom in general. Shows range from being about Video Games (The Nipoe Show) to Scarfinger’s unhealthy obsession with The Sing-Off (You Betta Sang). Scarcasm L.I.V.E. strives to provide an everyman perspective on Gaming and geek culture [via iTunes]

Scarcasm is hosted by Scarfinger (also known as Scar) who I think of as a critic and historian. Guests are featured regularly while Scar is the thread that strings everyone and everything together. By the end of an episode, he contextualizes every quip or tangent with a versed outlook. I particularly enjoy this podcast because Scar’s laughter is infectious.

Sinclair Sexsmith
A non-binary butch feminist, dominant, and writer [via Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and Website]

Sinclair Sexsmith is an erotica writer, educator, and the curator-editor of Sugarbutch: a multiple award-winning website known for its queer and kinky content. Their writing has been featured in a diverse range of outlets. They’re also the only Lambda Literary Award finalist I actually know. I connected with them thanks to Phoenix Calida [from Wine Cellar Media who tagged me in an RT for one of their submission calls] and have been patronizing them since with a particular fondness for their insights on kink and survivorship.

Single Simulcast
Your favourite podcasters’ podcast! Check out Shanta and Rashanii every week as they discuss the latest in pop culture, sports, news, social justice, the Black community, and more! [via iTunes]

Every recommended read or listen on here is great, albeit Single Simulcast is one that I frequently on hear since it has so many episodes and is looped in my iTunes podcasts. Shanta (from Bury Me In Red Lipstick) and Rashanii feature guests to delve into (often, hilarious) news stories and not only explore, but explain the significance of identity in relation to happiness versus the imposition of power structures. An affiliate podcast which features Rashanii (and Scarfinger from Scarcasm) is The Dr3am Team which discusses cultural staples with understandable breakdowns and some due draggings.

Tasha L. Harrison [Lady Books]
#FilthyFiction and Creative Entrepreneur [via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, and Website]

Tasha L. Harssion is an editor, writer, and podcaster. She writes erotica and romance in addition to offering a variety of services to both aspiring and working authors. Like Eliza [The Lady Writer], Tasha was one of the first authors I linked up with when I became more active on Twitter. She is one of the few contacts who possesses a comprehensive and conscious outlook regarding issues of diversity (lack thereof) in mainstream publishing circuits along with the importance of [informed] consent and emancipatory narrative.

Voix Noire
Voix Noire began as a reactionary response to the many non-inclusive spaces that intentionally and narrowly define womanhood and femmehood to exclude many of us. Voix Noire is made for and by Black women and femme identified people of ALL genders. We uplift all Black women and femme identified people through activism, storytelling and images. Our goal is to build a platform which elevates conversations around Black liberation by centering the voices, stories and bodies of those of us who are underrepresented in the media. 

The key concepts—and honestly, assets—of Voix Noire are pretty much covered in its blurb. It’s a site founded by Creighton Leigh, a Black woman activist who never thinks twice to advocate or put in the work for those in need; particularly, Black femmes whom are already so marginalized.

Wine Cellar Media
Phoenix Calida And William J. Jackson are producing news and comment without corporate backing [via iTunes]

Wine Cellar Media spans several social media products that include Becky Lives Matter, The Liberal Media, Reading in the Shade, Rhymecast, Social Dissonance, and White on White Crime. Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar is what I regularly listen to on my podcast app. It dates back years and is on loop similar to Single Simulcast. These hosts cover a range of topics and news stories, and have appeared on some of the other listed recommendations here. What I like most about Wine Cellar Media is that it manages to tangibly and comprehensively intellectualize an intersectional outlook. They provide down to earth feedback, engage with listeners, and wit accentuates their analyses.